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Environmentally Friendly Courier Service

We are always looking for better options to offer our services with cleaner air footprint.

At Ozone Couriers we currently have several eco friendly vehicles and are looking to update 
further on our fleet over the next 5 years program.

We take our role in this challenge very seriously and are dedicated to doing more to reduce our impact on the environment for our customers, colleagues, couriers, and the communities in which we work.

We are targeting the demands for dependable courier services and adhere with delivery requirements in an environment-friendly manner. Ozone Couriers will determine the type of service that is required. 

The following courier services are the most common that are utilised by our customers. Using the best optimised routes using less fuel. This is a very intricate service, and a lot of factors combine to generate the prices charged.

This data is updated yearly based on availability and progress of our target towards a more cleaner operational service


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